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As an employer, Briscoe Group Limited has both commitments and obligations to ensure that all employees, including potential employees, are treated with fairness and respect throughout their employment experiences with the Company, through its processes and by our people.

The Company acknowledges and is committed to the concepts of equal opportunities for employment and promotion, access to and involvement in training and development, ensuring equitable pay, supporting flexibility and accessibility, and demonstrating cultural sensitivity.

We appreciate that our workforce, including potential employees, come from all walks of life. Every individual is unique, having different skills and experiences including but not limited to educational opportunity and achievement. People come from many cultures and backgrounds, along with a wide range of other personal attributes including gender, gender orientation or identity, age, culture, disability, economic background, education, cultural and/or geographic background, language(s) spoken, marital/partnered status, physical appearance, race, religious beliefs or faith. Briscoe Group has a commitment to attracting, selecting, developing and retaining the most suitable employees from this diverse range of attributes.

We recognise that building a diverse and inclusive workplace culture results in enhanced relationships with stakeholders including shareholders, quality customer service, improved financial performance and a stronger corporate reputation. We are equally mindful to ensure that current competency or capability are important and considered attributes and ensuring that diversity for diversity’s sake does not undermine or undermine having the right people in the right roles.

Practising diversity and inclusion means incorporating diversity into Briscoe Group’s talent acquisition, talent management, and succession management processes as well as organisational values and culture.


Briscoe Group facilitates and promotes equal employment opportunities at all levels and across all functions within the Company. The Company operates merit-based performance assessment systems and processes, aligned with supporting reward structures.

Briscoe Group will:

  • ensure employees and potential employees are treated fairly and with respect; and
  • are evaluated objectively; and
  • appointed, developed, promoted and rewarded on the basis of their performance.

Management and the Board, when making appointments, will consider gender and cultural balance as well as the skills and experience needed to expand the perspective and capabilities of the Company.

When considering appointments to the Senior Management Team, the Managing Director will ensure that the short-list of candidates includes a mix of genders, cultures and other backgrounds where the skills and experience of the candidates make this possible.


Briscoe Group’s Senior Management Team will assist the Board to establish measurable objectives for achieving increased diversity at Briscoe Group.

The Human Resources Committee of the Board along with the Managing Director will review Briscoe Group’s performance against objectives set, including the gender composition of the Board and the Senior Management team, on an annual basis. The outcomes of these reviews will be reported to the full Board.

Gender diversity is measured and reported regularly as part of reporting to the Board. This includes a breakdown on the gender balance at different levels of management and in particular, throughout retail operations. The Company has an aim of establishing gender balance at each tier of management to ensure it is broadly reflective of the wider population.

Briscoe Group will disclose, in its Annual Report: (a) A breakdown of the gender composition of its Board and officers; and (b) A statement from the Board evaluating progress against the Company Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy.


Briscoe Groups Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy is available on Briscoe Groups website,

This Policy was last approved by the Board in April 2021 and will be reviewed every 12 months.