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BGP Sustainability Policy

Responsibility: Chief Operating Officer


Our Sustainability Policy sets out our aspirations, commitments, and the actions that Briscoes Group will take to reduce negative impacts on our natural environment and the society in which we operate. We intend to update this policy as we learn more and develop our strategic response.

Areas of Focus

We will focus our sustainability goals on these three main areas:

  • Environmental Sustainability
    • Reducing our impact and adapting to Climate Change.
    • Reducing our waste to landfill and improving recycling initiatives.
    • Working with our suppliers and supply chain partners to further minimise environmental impacts.
  • Supporting our people
    • Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our people.
    • Investing in our people.
  • Supporting our communities and customers
    • Being a local employer of choice.
    • Supporting relevant charities.


We recognise the importance of engaging with all our stakeholders and leveraging our strengths together. Our commitment is to:

  • Regularly engage with our key stakeholders and communities to understand their views and ensure that we respond appropriately to their interests.
  • Establish, monitor and review appropriate sustainability objectives, governance and targets as well as identify opportunities where we can improve.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation, appropriate industry guidelines, standards and practices.
  • Provide suitable education, training and encouragement to our workforce, suppliers and business partners to understand their responsibilities of this sustainability policy and look for effective ways of collaboration.
  • Regularly report on our sustainability performance, challenges and opportunities.


This Policy was last approved in May 2022 and will be reviewed at least annually. We will make it publicly available on the BGP website.